LLD's social groups and enrichment programs enhance overall wellness so kids can move forward with resilience, compassion, and an excitement for life. Our Programs are free of charge for children who have lost a loved one.  Contact Us to enroll a child and look at our Events page for upcoming activities. It's time to take life and soar!

Live Like Doug does not provide traditional grief support or counseling services. If you or someone you know is in need of these invaluable services, please Contact Us for a referral.


For kids and families of all ages

These monthly meet-up groups build the foundation for social connections and support. Social Circles are casual gatherings held at parks, beaches, and other local venues. Activities are organized so kids and their families can interact and have fun. This is where families can meet, try something new, talk openly, and solidify friendships in a relaxed environment.



For active LLD participants

Active participants of LLD have an opportunity to apply for a Mind Movement & Art sponsorship. A designated number of sponsorships are awarded each year. Sponsorships provide support for private lessons, classes, workshop or camps. While painting may be a form of self-expression for one child, surfing may be a healing activity for another. Our goal is to support our awardees with enriching experiences that are not only fun, but also promote self-expression, discovery, resilience, and joy. Contact LLD for details on scholarship criteria.



For kids and families of all ages

These events focus on making a positive impact in the community. LLD kids and staff choose organizations or charities to volunteer their time and energy to. The goal is to spread kindness, help a good cause, and make a difference in the world. Kids work together alongside staff, their families, and the community to enhance the human spirit. Not only does altruistic behavior reward those helped but it's a way to actively participate in life with connection, empathy, and gratitude.