Live Like Doug gives kids who've lost a loved one the building blocks to take life and soar. 

When a child loses a loved one, it may be the most significant life-changing event they ever endure.  The support system and perspective gained during this time can profoundly affect their life moving forward. Live Like Doug provides connections and personal development programs to children after their lives have been turned upside down. By building themselves back up and enhancing their social, emotional, and physical well-being; kids can manage tough times with compassion and look forward to life with hope and enthusiasm.

 We foresee a day when these kids are not defined by their loss, but admired for their resilience, compassion, perspective, and their ability to live life fully.




Live Like Doug was inspired by the memory and extraordinary life of Doug Schneider. Although he didn't live a long life, it was a full life. He was a seeker of adventure with a thirst for knowledge and he thrived on sharing his passions and lessons with everyone. His kind heart, humor, and enthusiasm had a huge impact on many. Doug's wife, Christine Schneider founded LLD to teach and reinforce Doug's life lessons to their young son and other children whose lives have been forever changed.